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How many years have you worked in the Movie Theatre Industry and how did you first become involved?
36 years ago, in 1981 in Tucson, AZ while in high school I started as an usher for Mann Theatres. At the time, it was a “major” multiplex of 4 screens! Mono sound, wood panel walls, and one big aisle down the center of the auditoriums. Wow how times have changed. I'd like to give a shout out to my first theater manager and the guy who hired me Mr. Fred Schweinberg. Fred was a long time excellent theater manager and mentor to many.

What is your fondest movie theatre memory?
My years working in Los Angeles when I had the chance to run operations at some big premiers at the Chinese and Westwood houses; but one premier at our Brenden Las Vegas Palms location comes to mind as my fondest memory. Although it was brief, I got the chance to meet and spend a little time with Muhammad Ali.

How old were you when you went to your first movie? Do you remember the theatre and the city?
I grew up an Army brat so all my first movies were on military bases overseas where we got the movies many months after they opened in the U.S. The Poseidon Adventure and the poster tag line of “Hell Upside Down” made a huge impression on me as an adventure film on a tiny screen in Stuggart, Germany.

What is your favorite movie of all time? What is it about this movie that stands out for you?
Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks was my favorite actor even before this movie. He was brilliant in it and I cannot imagine anyone else in the role. I like the historical times featured in the movie and the music that came with it. I ran to the store to buy the soundtrack. In summary it is the cross-country adventure, good natured humor and faith in the human spirit that makes it my favorite movie.

Do you have any industry related hobbies or experiences? Please explain.
I enjoy working with the local non-profits, schools, special service groups, etc. in the communities in which we have theaters. In many small ways, we can make such a positive difference with them with special shows and show times, use of our facilities, free advertising, a donation pass or contributing to a fundraiser. The local theater should be a good citizen within its community.

Do you have any special interests that you would like to share? 
I am the commander of a 200-person all-volunteer Search & Rescue Team based in Martinez, CA. It is incredibly rewarding work and there are many highly skilled and devoted team members. Usually in the middle of the night and in poor weather conditions, we search for missing persons like elderly dementia walkaways, lost or abducted children, or wilderness hikers. When you take part in, and at times get to witness, the reunion of mother and child, it touches you deep inside.

What does being a member of NATO of CA/NV mean to you?
We feel much more a community rather than individuals. We get to share common interests and concerns and our voices are much stronger with NATO of CA/NV. I have always enjoyed the staff that works there too. They are very devoted and helpful.

Of all the resources that the Association offers (seminars, scholarships, email advisories, etc.) which is most useful for you?
The email advisories and updates on the legislative front, labor laws, and political initiatives are very helpful. I do my best to keep up with what is going on in our industry, but knowing that NATO is also doing the same is a big relief.