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How many years have you worked in the Movie Theatre Industry and how did you first become involved?
I’ve been raised in the theater industry as my father, Alan Grossberg, opened his first movie theater, the Flower Hill Cinema in Del Mar, CA, when I was two years old


I’ll celebrate 16 years in the UltraStar Corporate Office this June; however, my first job with the UltraStar team was as a box office cashier and concession cast member at their first new theater build---then called Nickelodeon—in November 1991. I worked through my senior year of high school and while attending college I would come back and intern in the marketing department during Summer vacations.  After receiving my BA in Communication from UCSB I worked in Los Angeles for a number of years outside of the industry, but eventually made my way back to the theater business as I have always loved the movies.

What’s the best part of your Job?  Do you have any memorable experiences that you would like to share?
The best part of my job is that although every week I am marketing the UltraStar brand, the movies change every single week so it never gets dull. There is always a new film to promote and advertise so I’m always kept on my toes.


One of the favorite parts of my job is working with local non-profit groups and sharing my passion for the movies. Every year The Seany Foundation, an organization that funds projects to enhance the lives of kids, teens, and young adults affected by cancer, rents out auditoriums for a large tent-pole film and the theater is filled with kids and families dealing with cancer. It’s great to see these families escape for a few hours and get lost in the magic on the big screen. It always brings a huge smile to my face to see how Hollywood Movie Magic can bring pure joy to people.

What is your fondest movie theatre memory?
When I was little Mattel would sponsor early morning kid shows at our theater in Del Mar and hand out Barbie dolls after the movie. It was the coolest thing ever to see a movie and then get a doll!

How old were you when you went to your first movie? Do you remember the theatre and the city?
The first movie I remember seeing at the theater was The Incredible Shrinking Woman when I was 6, in Del Mar, CA at the Flower Hill Cinema. 

What is your favorite movie of all time? What is it about this movie that stands out for you?
My all-time favorite movie is Splendor in the Grass starring Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty. It was the first film I remember watching where I actually yelled at the screen---I was so bothered that these two young lovers were separated by their families because of class differences and how it affected their entire lives. I remember absolutely hating the father, played by Pat Hingle; which meant he was a great actor!

Do you have any industry related hobbies or experiences? Please explain.
I’m a mom of three and I LOVE taking my kids to the movies. We see at least 2 movies a month as a family and sharing my joy of films with them, and knowing that they will have memories to cherish for a lifetime, fills my heart. It’s also fun being known as the “cool mom” when I take my kids’ friends with us and load them up with popcorn, candy, nachos & soda.

Do you have any special interests that you would like to share?
I am an avid runner and just completed my 21st half marathon last month. I’ll be running my first full marathon this November in Richmond, Virginia.

What does being a member of NATO of CA/NV mean to you?
Being a member of NATO of CA/NV means being part of a community of like-minded professionals who all share a passion for the movie industry.

Of all the resources that the Association offers (seminars, scholarships, email advisories, etc.) which is most useful for you?
I’ve really enjoyed the Fall Summits. It’s great to get out of the office for just a couple of days and meet with other executives and studio representatives. The seminars and speakers at the Summit have been extremely interesting and full of valuable information.


Meg's Monument


A single, heartfelt Facebook Event built up into a worldwide running club 16K+ strong and UltraStar Cinemas' Julie Bravo is part of that club.


Meg Cross Menzies, a young mother of three, was tragically killed by a drunk driver while out for her morning training run with her husband on January 13, 2014. Out of grief and as a show of support for the family a friend asked runners through her Facebook page to dedicate their runs to Meg the following Saturday hoping that a few thousand local people would; instead, more than 99,000 people around the world ran in her memory with the hope that they could raise awareness of the negative impact of drunk driving and texting while driving, along with the overall safety of runners and cyclists everywhere. Meg's Miles Supporters, as the club is now known, remains over 16,000 runners strong since its inception 2 1/2 years with its members proudly wearing their "I Run for Meg" T-Shirts as they participate in half- and full marathons.

Ms. Bravo has traveled to Richmond, VA for the past two years to run with her "Megsmiles" community. She completed the Richmond Anthem Half Marathon in 2015 & 2016, and this year will be traveling there again to run her first full marathon in honor of Meg. Julie only started running 6 years ago, but since she became involved with the Meg's Miles Supporters it has become one of the most important aspects of her life outside of work and her own family.