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How many years have you worked in the Movie Theatre Industry and how did you first become involved?
I have worked in the movie theatre industry for a bit over three and a half years now. I first became involved after I graduated high school when one of my close friends working at our local theatre mentioned that Brenden was hiring.

What’s the best part of your Job? Do you have any memorable experiences that you would like to share?
The best part of my job is definitely the early release nights/mornings and being able to participate in all of the fun and excitement of a new movie’s emergence. More often than not there are lines all the way out into the street for box office and out to the doors for our inside concessions stand. It’s such a thrilling and fast paced environment and you get to see the joy and anticipation of each customer that comes into the theater.

What is your fondest movie theatre memory?
My fondest movie theatre memory is from this past December of 2016 when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story came out. The memory is more of a compilation of the whole opening weekend. What made it so great is that every staff member that was working, regardless of his or her position, came together to provide efficient and awesome customer service. It is honestly such a fun time to be working at a theatre, especially in a smaller town, because everyone is there and it’s so busy and there’s so much going on other than just the movie. We had a Storm Trooper marching crew outside the theatre taking pictures and playing music. Also there were games inside the theatre and our management staff had decorated the whole inside of the lobby with a Star Wars theme.

How old were you when you went to your first movie? Do you remember the theatre and the city?
The first movie I remember seeing in a theatre was Finding Nemo back in 2003. I was in first grade and my class went on a field trip to the movies along with some of our parents. We saw this movie in Vacaville at Brenden Theatres, which is where I now work.

What is your favorite movie of all time? What is it about this movie that stands out for you?
Mr. and Mrs. Smith is my absolute favorite movie of all time. Although I don’t remember watching this movie when it was out in theatres, I could watch it nonstop all day. This movie stands out to me not only because it stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (two of my favorite actors), but also because it is a film packed with a lot to offer. I love the intensity of their odd love story and all the action and mystery throughout the entire film.  

Do you have any industry related hobbies or experiences? Please explain.
Some of my industry experiences include a yearly ‘Brenden Theatre Game Day’ event held every summer in Concord, CA. The Vacaville Brenden staff plays the Concord Brenden staff in a softball game and then everyone enjoys a day at Waterworld after. It’s a blast getting to play the other theatre and getting to know some of the workers and what they do.


Do you have any special interests that you would like to share?
My current interests are working out five days a week, as it’s an outlet away from studying, and I play volleyball whenever I get the chance to go to a beach in the area. I also enjoy cooking, however I currently only cook for myself so I have to watch how carried away I get sometimes with the portions!

What does being a member of NATO of CA/NV mean to you?
I never knew that such an organization of theatre companies existed until my GM mentioned it and showed me the application packet for the scholarships offered. But nonetheless, being a member of NATO of CA/NV is humbling because it provides me with the ability to connect with other people in the same discourse community and to share experiences, work together, and work towards a common goal.

Of all the resources that the Association offers (seminars, scholarships, email advisories, etc.) which is most useful for you?
The most useful thing to me currently is a scholarship, as I am currently in my last year and a half of Nursing School and trying to pay for my tuition, books, and fees.


Editors’ note: Julianne is a two-time scholarship winner as she was selected just this week to receive a 2017 award. Her Vacaville 16 Theatre Manager, Laura Hoppaugh, is known to the scholarship committee as a Star Manager since she has successfully encouraged so many of her employees to apply for NATO of CA/NV scholarships; in fact she was able to claim a record-setting three scholars in 2015, of which Julianne was one.