About Us

Statement of Purpose

General Purpose
To unite for the mutual benefit, protection, and improvement of the theatrical and entertainment industry.


Specific Purposes
Within the parameters of the general purposes stated above, the specific purposes of this corporation include but are not limited to, the following:

  • To encourage among persons in the theatrical and motion picture theatre industry a close personal relationship and a friendly spirit of cooperation;

  • To establish and maintain a trade association for the benefit of the industry and the members thereof;

  • To cultivate and foster the highest possible standard of motion picture exhibition, production, theatre management, trade relations, business conduct and community affairs;

  • To promote, develop and maintain the general welfare and prosperity of persons, firms and corporations engaged in or associated with the motion picture industry and the theatrical profession; to improve by all lawful and ethical means their status and condition; to secure and retain the good will of the public for the motion picture theatre industry and for the theatrical industry and profession, and for all persons and businesses associated and affiliated therewith;

  • To gather, receive and disseminate such information as may be helpful to the members and associated organizations; to exchange ideas and render mutual assistance; and to provide helpful educational and vocational advice and guidance;

  • To forward progressive and public programs and to make every proper and lawful effort to uphold, dignify and protect the motion picture theatre industry, the theatrical profession and industry, and all business and industries affiliated therewith or related thereto;

  • To interest itself, on behalf of its members and the public, in legislation conceived for the public good and for the good of the industry, and to oppose legislation which may be adverse to the public interest or the motion picture theatre or theatrical industry or profession;

  • To carry out and perform any and all of the usual functions of a trade association or “Chamber of Commerce” of theatre owners;

  • To do each and every thing necessary, suitable or proper for the attainment of any one or more of the objects or purposes herein set forth, or which shall at any time appear conducive to or expedient for the protection or benefit of this corporation and its members, and to do such things in any part of the world as principal, agent or otherwise.


Web Site

The Association’s web site is designed to keep members updated on local, state and federal legislation and how it might affect business, as well as industry issues affecting the exhibition community. The web address is www.NATOCalNev.org.

Membership Services

Advocacy and Lobbying
The National Association of Theatre Owners of California/Nevada works on behalf of California and Nevada Exhibitors on local, state and federal government issues.  The Association maintains a year-round lobbyist in Sacramento who monitors pending legislation.


Industry Issues
The Association works in conjunction with other affiliated organizations to address common industry issues for the betterment of our industry.  The Association also acts as a resource office for the exchange of ideas and information relating to the industry.


Annual Membership Meeting. There is an annual membership meeting of the Association giving members the opportunity to meet and share their viewpoints with other state exhibitors.


Film Product Seminars.  Film Product Seminars provide field level managers and corporate personnel the opportunity to interact with the studio representatives one on one in the Meet and Greet tables.  The major studios preview footage of upcoming films and discuss marketing plans and promotions for the upcoming seasons.


Educational Workshops.  Educational Workshops, held 2-4 times annually, allow all levels of exhibition (field level managers and corporate managers) the opportunity to continue learning more about the industry; recent workshops have ranged from safe food handling to sexual harassment prevention training to security issues.


Community Service
Scholarship Program: The Association awards $250,000 annually to theatre field level employees and dependent children of General Managers employed by NATO of CA/NV member companies for post secondary or vocational education, for either continuing or returning students.  Applications for the merit based scholarships are evaluated by the members of the Scholarship Committee.


University Scholarship Program: The Association awards scholarship funds to students enrolled in the Film schools of both UCLA and USC.  $50,000 is granted to each of the schools to be distributed to deserving students.


Charitable Contributions: The Association maintains a Charitable Contributions Committee that directs funds to charities proposed by the membership on an annual basis.

Please contact our office for a membership application: Office@NATOCalNev.org